Lauren E

1) Name and hubby's name: Lauren and Mike

2) Location
: Baltimore, Maryland

3) Years together: We've been together for two years.

4) How you met: We met through a mutual friend 5 years ago, but were both in relationships at the time. So we just started off as friends.

5) What would you say are the top 5 important things in keeping a relationship/marriage strong? Is there anything special you do for your partner/vice versa? What would you say your "keys to success" are in a healthy/fun/loving/etc. relationship?:

1) Communication.
2) A sense of humor.
3) Taking time out for each other.
4) Honesty.
5) I know it's it's a bit cliche, but never go to bed angry!

I think the best part about our relationship is that we already knew each other so well when we started dating. I didn't have to spend any time trying to impress him (and likewise) because he already knew who I really was. I think that comfortableness has been huge in making our relationship as strong as it is.

6) What is your favorite part about being 
married/engaged?: My favorite part about being engaged has been the fact that I just knew the whole time that he was the right decision. I heard so many horror stories about cold feet and everything else, but that has never been the case for me. Of course I still have about a week left for that to happen, but I think if it were going to, it would have already!


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